Our Process

Our process always begins with discussion, we view the work we do as a relationship and collaboration with our clients. This is your home, which is a sacred space for you and your family. After we establish the project and it's perimeters the next step is design and pre-construction development. This process eliminates a lot of the "what if's" and "unknowns." When everyone is on the same page projects have a tendency to run more smooth and efficient. Once we have a set design/plan/budget for work we establish a timeline for the project that meets our clients needs alongside our current workload schedule. We want to make sure that when we are working on a project that all the individuals involved can give their full focus. We find that long term success comes with intentional management, project focus and good upfront planning.


The Conversation

It begins with a call or an email. We want to understand your goals, your timeline and your budget so we can best meet your needs. After that we will set up a time to see your space, talk a little more about your desired project and decide whether it is necessary to begin preconstruction design services or estimate the project and develop a contract for services.


Preconstruction Services and Design

One of the services we offer because of our architectural and engineering experience is preconstruction and design development. Often when we live in our spaces it can be a challenge to see it as anything other than how it currently functions. With fresh eyes and our background knowledge we can offer solutions that are functional and beautiful.


Project Start

When you project begins, your home, is our home and we protect it as such. You will be introduced to your site team that will always be present when work is being done in your home. We start with protecting the surrounding spaces, end each day making sure that the site is cleaned up and that the space is secure and safe when we leave. We are available to answer questions throughout the process and make sure you are comfortable and understand the next steps.

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